Monday, May 14, 2012

My first full year of a one hour ballet class

Hee-haw, I'm dancing ballet, partner.
The Company. We will be performing next at the Garden State Plaza Mall, a blending of jazz fusion and ballet to Usher.
Dedication, single minded focus, placing your hand in the hair in a way that makes audience members want to cry.
Even though it is super hard work, you have to remember to dance from your heart. Or at least, that's what Sally Fields says. This was my first full year of a one hour ballet class at Steps, which is a dance center that means business. I deserve a rest! Daddy: Pictures taken with my new Nikon 1. Ashton Kutcher's been hawking this camera on TV. I could be the next ad campaign, a nervous, desperate dad, under the gun, his wife next to him, asking, "Do you really know how to use that thing?" Nikon had better come through for me. Nikon comes through for me, could be the tag line. Nikon comes through for me or I sleep on the couch.

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