Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School is Out

I can't believe it, I finished! What a busy year. Weekday took us on a field trip to see Peter Pan, the marionette horror show. It was weeks ago but I've blocked it from my thoughts. Everyone was supposed to clap or else. It was terrifying. I started crying. Mommy, who was a chaperon, picked me up, carried me out and kissed me. Ms. Holden (my teacher, you can see her picture with Ms. Cox above) told me it was only make believe, but I still didn't like the pirates and the mean people.

Also, I learned how to play cello and violin this year, with Ellen Silver. There was an "I like Chocolate Ice Cream" Party. Wow, do so much, it's tiring just thinking about it, and, my birthday is eight days away!

I used to be terrified of the green witch in the Wizard of Oz. Emma some days seems so grown up but its good to be reminded, she's three going on four.

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